for Hillsborough County Property Appraiser

Accomplishments (January 2013-present)

Since taking the reins of Hillsborough County Property Appraiser’s office in January 2013, Bob Henriquez has used his experience in both the private and public sectors to develop innovative ideas and ground-breaking technologies. This has not only reduced the HCPA’s operating costs and saved thousands of tax payer dollars, but Henriquez’s vision has also resulted in strategies and policies that has transformed the HCPA into a model for other appraisers offices around the globe. Henriquez has done this while always focusing on his ultimate responsibility to the citizens of Hillsborough County: fair, equitable and accurate property assessment.
Here is a quick overview of Henriquez’s achievements after just 36 months in office:

  • Created a long-range strategic plan for total office development and reorganization
  • Developed and launched a new, state-of-the-art website for property research and analysis, both for real estate professionals and everyday citizens, and greater transparency
  • Developed and launched a cutting-edge desktop appraisal software that has dramatically reduced assessment review costs, added thousands of dollars to county revenues and improved assessment accuracy.
  • Redesigned the office to accommodate three new, high-tech, multi-use training rooms that is used by county and public agencies
  • Replaced aging, inefficient HCPA vehicle fleet with leased, “green” hybrid vehicles to reduce fuel and maintenance costs and limit carbon footprint
  • Consolidated office from two floors to just one at County Center to save money and provide better customer service
  • Added social media for outreach, training and transparency
  • Appointed a citizen/stakeholder fact-finding committee for improved communication with tax payers and greater office transparency
  • Started a first-of-a-kind high school internship program
  • Spearheaded effort to create county sinkhole ordinance and registry
  • Created a separate HCPA website to track and map county sinkholes
  • Conducted a cost-saving audit of all office phone, data and communication lines 
  • Office earned prestigious CEAA (Certificate of Excellence of Assessment Administration) Award, the International Association of Assessing Officer’s highest designation for an office of our type
  • Created extensive in-house training programs to address career path, succession planning and cross-training for more efficiency and effectiveness
  • Added online filing for tangible personal property returns and completely revamped and updated the online filing process for Homestead Exemption
  • Awarded national Digital Government Achievement Award (DGAA)  in recognition of HCPA’snewly implementedcutting-edge desktop appraisal system
  • Personally satisfied classroom and experience requirements  to earn Certified Florida Appraiser (CFA) designation,