for Hillsborough County Property Appraiser

Now that it is official that I have a challenge for reelection I want let the electorate know how excited I am to make my case to serve for four more years. I have never been one to fear a challenge. In fact, I believe being tested brings out the best in me. In order to once again humbly win your vote, over the next few months we will lay out a detailed factual argument based on the accomplishments of my first term and my vision going forward for the office. We will explain why integrity, humility, trustworthiness, real experience and results matter. Every property owner deserves fairness and equity in Hillsborough County. I promised and have delivered my solemn pledge to "Rethink, Reinvent and Reinvigorate" this office. 

Four years ago the voters believed overwhelmingly that my skill set and experience made me the right person to head this public agency with a large number of employees and a multimillion dollar budget. Our office is better today than it has ever been in terms of quality customer service and fair and accurate assessments. We are more efficient and effective. Internally, our staff is leaner but more capable and our budget is more responsible. Personally, I have met both the classroom instruction and mass appraisal experience standards necessary to qualify as a Certified Florida Appraiser. As a result, I have received the endorsement of the Realtors Association and many leaders in the community. We will be rolling out many more endorsements and remarkable bipartisan support in the near future. I have a proven record and the most important qualification of having done this job well for a term in office. I am both vested and invested in this community. Join me as we run to victory in November!

Thank you and may God bless you. 

Bob Henriquez, CFA
Hillsborough County's one and only elected Property Appraiser

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I have struggled with the decision as to whether or not I should even dignify my opponent by responding to some of the outlandish claims that he is making during this campaign. Frankly, since he has proven to be both intellectually dishonest and ethically challenged, I feel it is time I set the record straight. I will only touch on a few that are directly related to my team and my leadership. Hopefully this will allow you to state the facts should you need to as you support our office. 

First assertion is that we violate citizens privacy rights. 

-The Property Appraisers office neither owns nor contracts for the use of drones to accomplish any of our work.
-We are required by law to provide the Department of Revenue aerial photography of the county. These photos are taken by private companies who contract with Hillsborough County and fly low altitude flight plans that are approved by the FAA. The photographs are carefully redacted of any identifying features that may be considered private in nature prior to the public use of them by the county. In addition the contract is crafted to insulate the photos from being subject to the sunshine laws, further protecting the public. Case law and Florida Statutes support these standard practices statewide. 

Second claim is that we spend millions of dollars on lobbying and legal fees fighting against taxpayers.
-We have not gone to trial in a single case on my four years as Property Appraiser. In fact, we have proactively settled numerous lawsuits, many of which spanned long periods prior to my arrival. We have no line item in the budget for lobbying and no one in the office is currently a registered lobbyist. 

Finally, an assertion has been made that if a property owner appeals their assessment there is only a 4% chance of them prevailing in Hillsborough County. 
-The fact is that in 2015 approximately 80% of value petitions were either withdrawn satisfied or granted to the property owner. Coincidentally,appeals were about half as many as when I took office since we do everything in our purview to work with property owners prior to the need to file a petition. 
-Additionally, it is important to note that out of over a half million properties less than one half of 1 percent actually appeal their assessments. 

Thank you.

 Bob Henriquez